Certification Courses

How Certification Courses works?

Apart from our business, we make you proud to make leaders, TFM regularly organises workshops. The workshops are an integral part of the TFM system. They are specially designed and conducted for two significant groups: Business People, Students and Media Professionals. Keeping abreast with contemporary happenings and events, TFM evolves workshops which later to the times and the public. Specialised workshops attract participants from all over World.

RJ & VJ Workshop

If you are planning your career as a Radio Jockey, are willing to join the radio broadcasting industry or even just updating your knowledge, this is your Mecca.Time Freaks media help you in this world of radio is fascinating. In fact, the thought of one's voice traveling via airwaves is exciting. Learn all about the sound of air checks, promos, music, and more! And, if you've ever wondered what it would be like to become a Radio Professional, this workshop will give you great insight. Time Freaks Media Conducting The Radio Workshop is the perfect practical training in Online in this pandamic to spend for an EXCITING Career! Register now! soon!

  • Workshop Co-ordinator : RJ Lavanya
  • Workshop commences (Online) : To be Announced
  • Timings : to be Announced

    Topics covered

  • Basics Of Radio Jockeying
  • How to write scripts
  • Music selection
  • Creative part


This workshop is designed to introduce the participant to the key elements, both aesthetic and technical, of photography.

  • Workshop Co-ordinator : Prathap Arumugam
  • Course commences (Online) : To be Announced
  • Timings : To be Announced